House rules

Arrival and Departure:

You are welcome in our chalet from 14:00 on the day of rental.

You must vacate our chalet on the last day of your rental period by 10:30 am at the latest.


Our chalet is equipped with an alarm system (which is switched off during the rental period), smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, fire detector, fire extinguisher and fire blanket. Fire extinguisher and fire blanket can be found in the high cupboard near the central heating in the kitchen. If one of the detectors sounds an alarm, we request that you contact us immediately. The phone number is.+31 (0)6-23433700

Free tickets for the swimming pool and play paradise:

The chalet comes standard with 2 passes for the swimming pool and play paradise. These hang on the coat rack. Please watch out for this and make sure they stay behind in the chalet when you leave.

If more than 2 people are going to the swimming pool or the play paradise, you can buy tickets in the central hall of Klein Vaarwater.


There is no parking at the chalet. You should therefore park your car in the parking space. This is available close to the chalet.

Do you have an electric car? This may only be charged at a charging station. You can find these, for example, in the parking lot at the reception of Klein Vaarwater.

So it’s not allowed from the chalet or shed.

Smoking policy:

It is not allowed to smoke in the chalet or shed.


Pets are not allowed on the campsite.

Fire pit:

It is not allowed to light a fire at the camping site. Barbecue is allowed.


Furniture, sofas and beds are not allowed to be moved. It is not allowed to take chairs, poufs, side tables, etc. outside.


Hanging garlands, drawings or other decorations by means of adhesive tape, tape, nails, thumbtacks etc. is not allowed.



When using the shower, we request that you switch on the extraction (light button). We would also appreciate it if you would like to do the shower corner with the puller.


It is not allowed to fry in the chalet.

Exterior doors:

Outside doors/shed door open, then please on the hook.


The bed linen you have rented is ready on the beds. It is not allowed to take bed linen outside or to the beach. Upon departure, you must remove the bed linen and put it in the hall for laundry.

Parasol/ outdoor cushions:

Please retract the parasol in strong wind and/or rain and put it away in the cover.

In case of rain, please also store the seat cushions.

It also has to stay with the chalet. So it is not allowed to take it to the beach, for example.

Recreational use:

Our chalet is exclusively intended for recreational purposes. You may therefore only use it for the purpose for which it is intended.


We do not accept liability for destruction, damage, loss, etc. of goods located on the campsite or in the chalet or for accidents on or in the chalet.


If you have caused damage or breakage, do not start working yourself, but report it to us.


You can deposit your household waste in underground waste containers at various places on the campsite.

What do we ask of you on departure:

  • to leave the chalet no later than 10.30am
  • remove bed linen from the beds
  • dishes clean, in the cupboard and dishwasher empty
  • lights off
  • dispose of household waste in the designated area
  • fridge empty and the fridge door closed
  • set the heater to 12 degrees
  • put furniture (inside and outside) neatly again
  • When you close the chalet, you must store the key in the key box.

When you leave, also check for any chargers, CDs, books and/or toys belonging you own.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and have fun!!